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Direct Support Professional

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Ste. Anne, MB

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$17.67–$20.58 an hour




  • Grade XII Diploma (or G.E.D.)
  • Certification in CPR and Emergency First Aid
  • Successful completion of St.Amant training requirements during trial/probationary period (e.g. Specialized Behavior Management Training, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Medical Orientation, etc.)


  • Minimum of one year experience providing services to individuals with disabilities
  • Knowledge of current trends and services for individuals with disabilities
  • Ability to follow individualized program plans


  • Positive, energetic, self-directed
  • Ability to demonstrate a strong person-centered focus
  • Physical ability and emotional stability to support physical needs and respond appropriately to challenging behavior of people supported
  • Ability to function effectively as a team member and work collaboratively with foster providers, clinicians, professional staff, collateral agencies and families
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Possesses ability to identify and respond effectively to high risk situations
  • Access to a telephone
  • Valid Manitoba Driver’s License in good standing (this provision is not essential if assigned to a designated location where a license is not required)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Client Care Management:

Consistent with the Mission and Values of the organization, the Direct Support Professional, is responsible for the provision of services within assigned foster homes ensuring adherence to policies of the organization and to the requirements of external accrediting or regulatory bodies. Priority is given to providing services that facilitate the attainment of personal outcomes.

Duties include:

  • Provides aspects of personal care, as needed (e.g. assistance with eating, bathing, personal hygiene, etc.)
  • Participates in ongoing service planning, monitoring a person’s responses to supports and attainment of defined goals
  • Provides assistance, instruction and guidance to enable people to develop independent life-skills within the least restrictive environment possible
  • Carries out behavioral, crisis, life-skill, recreational/leisure, work experience, experientials, educational, etc. programs as assigned
  • Records and reports relevant information related to all life areas according to policy and individualized needs
  • Promotes and facilitates community involvement and ongoing involvement with the family in accordance with an individualized plan
  • Employs principles of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention in identifying and intervening in situations of challenging behaviour
  • Debriefs with team members and person supported involved in crisis situations, prepares required reports and forwards to the appropriate parties within prescribed time frames
  • Notifies the Foster Provider and Foster Care Facilitator immediately of issues which may present safety concerns for people supported and staff
  • Explores recreational resources in the community and assists people in planning and engaging in leisure activities, promoting participation in structured activities appropriate to the individual’s ability level and identifying and supporting a variety of activities that address physical, emotional intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs
  • Performs various administrative duties within the foster home to ensure the smooth flow of services and information in a timely and effective manner
  • Guides and models individuals in areas of socially acceptable behavior that will ensure individuals are perceived positively by their community
  • Provides care and service in a manner which is holistic, person-centered and community-focused
  • Facilitates, mediates and maximizes family and natural relationship involvement
  • Recognizes and supports the culture and diversity of each person supported
  • Monitors and assesses health and provides or accesses appropriate health care for illness, injury, or trauma of people supported
  • Monitors physical, mental and emotional status of people supported and ensures any concerns are promptly addressed
  • Ensures documentation is completed and filed prior to leaving shift
  • Administers medications in accordance with Physician’s instructions and Residential Care Licensing (RCL) standards
  • Notifies FCF of any potential concern regarding compliance with Residential Care Licensing standards

St.Amant is a bilingual organization. Proficiency in both official languages (French/English) would be considered an asset.

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