BEST Program

Building Employments Skills for Today’s Youth (BEST), is a two-week (50 hour) course for youth 18-29 years old who are receiving Employment and Income Assistance benefits. The program will teach participants the soft skills needed to succeed in employment. Soft skills, which include conflict resolution and stress management, are often overlooked in programming for young people seeking work, but these skills are an essential part of maintaining employment!  

The BEST Program focuses on soft skills along with traditional employment skills such as computer literacy and knowledge of workplace rights to ensure a smooth transition into employment. Participants will also learn about the community resources available to them and hear from members of support agencies.  

After completion of the BEST Program, participants will receive a certificate of completion and an honorarium. Then, participants will be matched with a YES Manitoba employment facilitator who will help them with job searching, interview skills, and resume and cover letter writing. BEST participants will have ongoing support to ensure their search for employment is successful!  

The BEST Program covers the following topics: 

  1. SMART Goal Setting
  2. Computer Literacy 
  3. Obtaining Identification 
  4. Service Navigation 
  5. Conflict Resolution 
  6. Financial Literacy 
  7. Stress Management 
  8. Mental Wellness in the Workplace 
  9. Budgeting 
  10. Contract Reading 
  11. Workplace Rights and Responsibilities 
  12. Resume / Cover Letters 
  13. Career Exploration / Job Searching 
  14. Advocacy 

Potential participants can self-refer using our general intake form. When the “EIA recipient” box is selected on the registration form, there will be a checkbox to indicate you are interested in the BEST Program. EIA case managers can also refer clients to the BEST Program through our regular intake form. 

For more information, contact:

Danni Mesojednik
Program Specialist
204.987.8661 ext. 680