BEST Program

The Building Employment Skills for Today’s Youth (BEST) Program is a 12 week program for young adults ages 18-29 receiving Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) benefits. You will learn the skills needed to succeed at work and receive ongoing help to find a job that will work for you!

Skills like conflict resolution and stress management are things we forget about when supporting young people looking for a job. These skills are actually an important part to keeping a job long term. The BEST Program focuses on these ‘soft’ skills along with traditional employment skills such as digital literacy and resume workshops to ensure a smooth transition to full time work.

BEST runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you can start any time you like! After you have completed 8 days in the classroom (4 weeks), you will be connected with a YES Manitoba staff member for 8 weeks to help you continue to search for work.

BEST offers lunch, trainings, and a certificate of completion/honorarium when you complete all classroom sessions. Transportation funding can be provided through EIA.

To sign up for BEST, you can talk to your EIA Case Manager or fill out the form below – don’t worry, this is not a test! We just want to know how BEST can help you succeed.

The BEST Program covers the following topics:  

  • SMART Goal Setting  
  • Digital Literacy  
  • Budgeting  
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communicating with Coworkers/Management
  • Stress Management  
  • Mental Wellness in the Workplace  
  • Workplace Rights and Responsibilities
  • Self-Advocacy

All participants will also learn how to write a resume and cover letter for their personalized job search.

If you are interested in the BEST Program for yourself or a client, you can contact or call (204) 987-8661 ext. 680 for more information.

Use the form below to sign up for the BEST Program!

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    Work and Education

    These questions will let the BEST Program know about your past experiences and how we can support your success.

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    Have you ever worked or volunteered before?

    If you answered Yes or Not Sure, please explain what kind of work:

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    Year Completed


    Do you have any disabilities that may impact where you can work?

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    What kind of work are you interested in?



    These questions are to help make sure the BEST classroom is a safe and accommodating place for you.

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    What did you find hard while you were in school?

    If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

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    Please note Youth Employment Services is compliant with all FIPPA and PIPEDA legislation.